Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WES GORDON Spring 2014 (#RoadToNewYork Challenge #2)

Many might not know about this particular designer, Wes Gordon. But he surely is one of my favorite New York based designer, due to his attention towards luxurious and timeless designs with a touch of edge, most importantly his interest in haute couture construction within his designs as well as in using only the finest fabrics which he modified to create certain textures and finishings.

Being trained from being a fashion design student for almost 4 years, I develop a habit of zooming in into every bit detail within clothes, thus the reason why I pint point certain details that I find interesting because it may help me develop creative ideas when it comes to designing.. 

Wes Gordon's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was undeniably "a breath of fresh air", it was organic, clean, simple, but compelling at the same time. He didn't go for the obvious colorful color palette and went on the complete other route that still gives that Summer vibe.   Inspired by a mixture of 90's grunge and supermodel Carolyn Besette Kennedy, he made it clear that grunge can be subtle too. I feel that this collection has a good balance of femininity and masculinity, for example; bias cut dress paired with a leather jacket, or the cashmere sweater that's padded with round shoulder pads, and also cleverly played the idea of pairing tailoring fabrics with french lace. The styling was on point, it's sexy without showing too much skin, and edgy without the use of dark colors. 

The make up and hairstyle in my opinion was decidedly "effortlessly chic". When asked about the direction for the makeup, the make up artist simply answered "I want the make up to look delicious that you want to reach and touch it", brilliant! The hair has just the right level of sheen, the middle parting hairstyle gave it a youthful touch to the lurid eye make up.

And as for my challenge to recreate some of my favorite looks from the collection... I was thrilled to play with textures and unusual proportions. For the first look, I trimmed my old gold sweater from hip length into a crop top. I feel that the dropped shoulder gave it a slouchier look and ease in contrast to the body fitting white pencil skirt. I have to agree that some of his pieces from the collection isn't really wearable (like this metal piece beaded top) but it worked conceptually.

(Sweater - GBWO, Skirt - Miss Selfridge)

The second look gave me more room to experiment with volumes and transparency. I dip dyed my old denim coat to recreate the bleached denim jacket that was famous during the late 90's, and paired it with a lace skirt and a simple black sweater. Sometimes oversized coats can make us look wide, therefore the see-through lace hem at the bottom gives it a little provocative blink to the outfit. 

(Denim Oversized Coat - ABOCS, Skirt - BCBG, Top - Bershka)

Recreating runway looks is (without a doubt) one of fashion design student's hobby, as it allows us to be inspired, to take a closer peek into the design apart from the obvious exterior. And as for me, it gives me a reason to D.I.Y and modify my old clothes from last season to "latest season"

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Good Luck for me and you...

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