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TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Makeover Challenge Part 2

(Tank dress - ZARA, Embellish Vest - ZARA, Blazer - ABOCS)

In contrast to the 1st look, the second look is rather more intense in terms of the make up, as told by Nadia herself, she is more of that edgy street style chick.. I gave her this option. Inspired by 2 well known boho chic fashion icons; The Olsen Twins and Kate Moss. And plus, they both are true New Yorkers. The perfect layering can make messy turns into chic. Remember when layering, more is not always better... think of proportions and color harmony. The lace peeking under the tank dress gave it a feminine final touch. Especially loved the hairstyle, it works well with Nadia as she has ultra long hair, which works well with loose wave styling. Switching the make up to darker brown shade and dark purple lipstick. To give it a rather shabby chic feel within the photo shoot, I decided to shoot indoors (specifically inside my house) to make it look more natural and effortless, as we say "I woke up like this". Nadya loved this look, specifically due to the make up and hairdo, and I agree that the beachy waves really suits her, and the lipstick gave such an intense impact, in a good way.

If you haven't watch the Makeover video, check the previous post by clicking here

(Styling concept by me. All clothes were from my own wardrobe, nothing is sponsored!)

TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Makeover Challenge Part 1

(Skirt- Envy Wear, Top - ZARA, Heels - Stacatto)

Taking references from the New York IT Girl, Olivia Palermo.. The main key point is to keep the look polished and interesting at the same time. Polished look doesn't necessarily only mean "clean and simple", it can also be sharp but with an eccentric touch. Therefor, the pairing of the outfit, Nadya has a long and toned legs, worth showing it off rather than her covering it up with her usual skinny jeans. And not to mention, her tiny waist which is why a boxy cut crop top comes in use. Her long hair makes it perfect for a sleek low ponytail..all I need is some help from the TRESemme hair styling tools (Shine Spray and Salon Finish Hairspray) and I'm all set. On the other hand, the make up has a quirky look as I add blue eye shadow and peach color lipstick, no fake eyelashes or eyeliner was used.. to emphasize the bright eyeshadow color. This look reminds me of the Upper East Side New York as interpreted in movies and TV shows (in particular, Gossip Girl), that "I'm an independent working lady who lives in a pent house in SOHO New York". Classy, smart and riveting! Plus, the make up and hair barely took 30 minutes to do, and the outfit itself isn't complicated nor uncomfortable, perfect for a day to night look in New York, right?

If you haven't watch the Makeover video, check the previous post by clicking here.

(Styling concept by me. All clothes were from my own wardrobe, nothing is sponsored!)

TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Makeover Challenge (Video&Photo Post)

We're on our last challenge for TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt #RoadToNewYork #MBFW competition (in collaboration with Gogirl! Magazine). And I have to be honest that it has been a fun but nerve wrecking month, as much as I am excited to join the competition.. it sure is a pressure to compete against other amazing Indonesian bloggers. But regardless, I did my very best in every challenge, taking into account to keep things real!

I decided to do a makeover for my friend Julia Nadya as she is mostly seen wearing converse, skinny jeans and oversized Tee.. so it is the perfect chance for me to either turn her super girly, or perhaps tomboy with a twist?! Luckily, this gorgeous girl isn't too picky so she's up for the challenge to dress up, and see which style suits her best. Since I don't have the talent to put on make up on someone else's face other than mine, I asked for help from my friend Nikki Windya to do the make up. And with the help of Vina and Kevin Sumargo for taking in charge of the camera works. (My friends are awesome!) So, without further a-due here's my very first makeover tutorial video... Frankly, was too excited to do this video, as I love doing talk shows and interviews, yup.. talking is indeed my forte! Plus styling has always been my favorite part-time job. So enjoy dear readers....

So...which one do you prefer? Look number 1 or 2? Look out for the next posts to see the full review per outfit...

The clock is ticking guys, better hurry up and sign up to join the competition before it's too late! Simply go to for more info! This might be your only chance to fly to New York to attend New York Fashion Week, dear fashionistas. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

PROENZA SCHOULER SPRING 2014 review (#RoadToNewYork TRESemme Challenge #2)

I am pretty sure that almost all of you are familiar with this ground breaking New York based womenswear and accessories fashion label "PROENZA SCHOULER". The two designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez did the fashion world justice when the infamous PS11 bag debuted on their A/W 2010 runway, which until to date is still every fashionista's wardrobe essential (I am still contemplating on which one to purchase!! It is indeed in my bucket list). 

Proenza Schouler's Spring Summer 2014 was a few degrees tuned down compared to previous collections, as they focused on an understated yet constructed theme. The two designers were inspired by furniture designers and artists such as Sergio Rodrigues, Piero Manzoni and Robert Hernandez, three of them have completely different design aesthetic which explains the eclecticism within the collection. Just like furnitures, the fabrics used were all texturized and the colors are warm and earthy tones like peach ice, cinnamon, ecru and my favorite; Black Gold. In general, the collection looked minimalistic, but with a touch of shaggy chic. 

Although at my first glance I thought the collection looked too "Autumn/Winter", but as I went through a deeper research, the coats were not made from wool, but it was crepe.. and the dresses and blouses were all made from the silkiest finest knitted silk. And even though the colors weren't exactly symbolizing Spring/Summer, the metallic characteristic gave it a crisp appearance. 

Some of the standout pieces includes foil incorporated pleated skirt, dropped shoulder boxy sweater, cotton crepe pantsuits with exaggerated hem width, and the "paint roller" color detailing that highlighted plain blazers and pants. This season they also created a printed fabric incited by the silhouettes of branches and trees (which may sound like a cliche, but they smartly aligned them in such a way that it looked three-dimensional. Lastly, the breath taking body cast that came in copper and chrome. Amazed. Yet Again. 

For S/S 2014, the label came up with yet another eye-catching and drool worthy selection of accessories, such as the 90's inspired stacked sandals, braided leather shoes and heels, fringe tassel covered clutch, metal hologram bags. Think of rave-kid attitude with a high fashion twist. The clutches reminded me of the lunch box shape that reminded me of childhood but then juxtaposed with the wide range selection of shiny exotic leather detailing on the handbags. 

Clean, Raw, Undone were the key reference points for the make up and hairstyle, taking Joseph Szabo's photograph of 70's teenagers as it's main inspiration... I was drawn by the beauty of it's simplicity. By keeping the make up and hair-do subtle, the theme of the collection distinctly became believable. The hair of the models were just slightly styled by rough-drying and the faces were slightly finger-patted with light powder.

Here is my attempt on recreating two of my favorite looks from the collection... I went straight for the metallic pleated skirt despite not having anything similar to it, which then resulted in a last minute craft session of me painting my asymmetrical train skirt with black and gold fabric paint. Just like the inspiration (furniture) itself, I purposely made the texture to look like wood's grain. And lastly, paired it with a boxy raglan sleeve sweater.

(Skirt - ABOCS, Top - ZARA, Heels - Charles & Keith)

For the second look, I went for a "Power Dressing" route. The boxy cut blazer with 2 side designer patch pocket and a low V collar neckline reminded me of the 70's power suit. Although I switched the black blazer with a Black Gold color instead to show the layerings, it is not an usual sight to see women nowadays wearing boxy cut blazers (or in my case.. 2 sizes bigger).

(Blazer - G2000, Skirt - Mphosis)

Proenza Schouler S/S2014 Runway Video - New York Fashion Week

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WES GORDON Spring 2014 (#RoadToNewYork Challenge #2)

Many might not know about this particular designer, Wes Gordon. But he surely is one of my favorite New York based designer, due to his attention towards luxurious and timeless designs with a touch of edge, most importantly his interest in haute couture construction within his designs as well as in using only the finest fabrics which he modified to create certain textures and finishings.

Being trained from being a fashion design student for almost 4 years, I develop a habit of zooming in into every bit detail within clothes, thus the reason why I pint point certain details that I find interesting because it may help me develop creative ideas when it comes to designing.. 

Wes Gordon's Spring/Summer 2014 collection was undeniably "a breath of fresh air", it was organic, clean, simple, but compelling at the same time. He didn't go for the obvious colorful color palette and went on the complete other route that still gives that Summer vibe.   Inspired by a mixture of 90's grunge and supermodel Carolyn Besette Kennedy, he made it clear that grunge can be subtle too. I feel that this collection has a good balance of femininity and masculinity, for example; bias cut dress paired with a leather jacket, or the cashmere sweater that's padded with round shoulder pads, and also cleverly played the idea of pairing tailoring fabrics with french lace. The styling was on point, it's sexy without showing too much skin, and edgy without the use of dark colors. 

The make up and hairstyle in my opinion was decidedly "effortlessly chic". When asked about the direction for the makeup, the make up artist simply answered "I want the make up to look delicious that you want to reach and touch it", brilliant! The hair has just the right level of sheen, the middle parting hairstyle gave it a youthful touch to the lurid eye make up.

And as for my challenge to recreate some of my favorite looks from the collection... I was thrilled to play with textures and unusual proportions. For the first look, I trimmed my old gold sweater from hip length into a crop top. I feel that the dropped shoulder gave it a slouchier look and ease in contrast to the body fitting white pencil skirt. I have to agree that some of his pieces from the collection isn't really wearable (like this metal piece beaded top) but it worked conceptually.

(Sweater - GBWO, Skirt - Miss Selfridge)

The second look gave me more room to experiment with volumes and transparency. I dip dyed my old denim coat to recreate the bleached denim jacket that was famous during the late 90's, and paired it with a lace skirt and a simple black sweater. Sometimes oversized coats can make us look wide, therefore the see-through lace hem at the bottom gives it a little provocative blink to the outfit. 

(Denim Oversized Coat - ABOCS, Skirt - BCBG, Top - Bershka)

Recreating runway looks is (without a doubt) one of fashion design student's hobby, as it allows us to be inspired, to take a closer peek into the design apart from the obvious exterior. And as for me, it gives me a reason to D.I.Y and modify my old clothes from last season to "latest season"

P.S: This is Challenge number 2 for TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt #RoadToNewYork #MBFW Competition! If you too want to win a chance to fly to New York and witness New York Fashion Week right from your very own eyes... JOIN NOW! By simply uploading your outfit photos and get your votes high up! For more info:

Good Luck for me and you...

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