Saturday, June 21, 2014

S/S 2015 trend forecast

Are you ready to see what textures, colors, silhouette and even accessories that will go down the runway for Spring/Summer 2015 collection by your favorite designers? Well, we can't really read the future, nor generalize the fashion world within a single trend base because every designer have their own unique style and aesthetic. But, there are trend forecast researchers that can depict slightly on what will be trending in the upcoming future seasons... here's what I found on one of my fav website; TREND COUNCIL. And see how it influences my previous outfit posts. There were many other SS15 storyboards, but these 2 are my favorite as they are more subtle color-wise... psst... brace yourself for some major color-bomb for S/S 2015! I'm still trying to include more colors into my wardrobe.. though.


No. 1: Talk about lace evening gowns, worn during the day for a fancy tea time. I am starting to notice more designers incorporating french lace into their RTW collection, are we turning delicate fabrics into active wear? As how Chanel showcased sneakers on their couture show, maybe it's time to put things into perspective by turning the idea upside down?

No. 2: Metallics, done right. It's time to say hello again to the previous silver and gold craze. It's time to see fantasy-like hues mixed into lustrous finishings. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing this trend on the runway... Think about a blue silver-ish oversized leather jacket coming down the runway paired with metal based chunky accessories.. And plus any sort of color that is mixed with tints of grey will definitely be a thumbs up in my opinion. 

So what do you most look forward to for this upcoming season?

And oh, take a peek into my 2 fav looks from the RESORT 15 collection:

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