Monday, December 16, 2013

Dusty Pink

(ABOCS blazer, UP galaxy wedges, ZARA skirt, H&M top)

Currently obsessing over this new fav color of mine; DUSTY PINK. Or maybe just slightly pimped by me, my friends refer to this color rather oddly (dirty pinkish grey). This outfit to me screams comfort and girly-ness, don't know but people expect me to dress more female-like lately.... just trying to justify my gender. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013


(Zara flare skirt, Hara denim top, Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers, NIKICIO fake turtle neck)

I know, I know wedge sneakers are so last season. But closing this chapter of my closet story by wearing it for the nth time. I'm not one of those kind who looks good wearing colorful items, so I knew what I signed up for when purchasing this. But it sure it picture perfect, thus perfect for a blogger. Other than that, denims are recently all I wear, how about you? #teamdenim #teamleather 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Identical Moto

Yes, I am one of those girls who are obsessed with leather jackets. I lost count on how many I have in total hanging around my closet regardless knowing that I live in Jakarta (rumor has it that it is a humid and sunny place) and quiet frankly most of the time I faked into looking utterly cool while burning myself inside the moto jacket. But hey no pain no gain. And plus, us Indonesians are always inside a building equipped with countless AC. 

(Armani leather moto jacket, Mango dress, Cotton On plaid shirt)


Here's a photo diary of my visit to Promod Indonesia in Mall Kota Kasablanka, I'll let the pictures do the talking... Enjoy..

Shopped at Promod and geared up with coats and knit shawls, ready to face the cold weather for my Hong Kong trip in a few weeks!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Promod 1001 wishes

The month of December to me is a month full of “wishes”, wishing for a good way to end the year, and also wishing for a brighter beginning for the new year. Women always has a lot of “wants” in their mind, and indeed a shopping spree is always one that we love to have every week, or daily if possible. To that, Promod Indonesia is hosting a shopping program to make that wish come true!

The program is called “1001 wishes”, with this program, every customer are given a form (a lucky draw) to fill (no minimum purchase) in an dropped into our 1001 wishes box. At the end of the program, we will pick one winner from each Promod Indonesia outlet. The prize is a IDR 2.000.000 voucher! 

Not only that, you can also hang a wishing card onto our wishing tree (available in every outlet in Indonesia)
What I wished for this December?..... Is to have a fabulous new set of wardrobe for the festive season! How about you?

I am definitely in love with the whole concept of the program! This program is made specially for you all who love to shop and win at the same time! Participate along with other bloggers and celebrities. Because everyone is a fashionista, everyone deserves to make a wish in this special month.

Here are the list of Promod Indonesia outlet… Hurry up, Shop and win major prizes. And on top of that, it sure is fun to write wishing notes!

1st Floor Paris Van Java - Bandung, Unit RL D-25. Tel: +6222 8206 3848 
Grand City – Surabaya, 1st Floor , Tel +6231 5116 9188

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fries, anyone?

This post has nothing to do with food except the fact that I am wearing a fries printed crop top. If there's one thing I learnt in November, it's that fashion has no age, no matter what our age is, it doesn't define what we should/shouldn't wear. No longer in my teen years, I find it completely okay to wear things such as this crop top that shows how much of a fries fanatic I am, dipped in aioli sauce or just plainly tossed in salt (and again, this has nothing to do with food?) This leather jacket from ZARA is one of the best item I purchased this fall, super badass, but oh so stylish.

(Fries top - Forever21, Leather Jacket - ZARA, Heels - ZARA, Skirt - ZARA)
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