Monday, December 31, 2012

ABOCS x RATED-A collaboration

About 6 months ago I joined a competition and thus resulted in a collaboration with RATED-A. I designed a jacket with a detachable collar, so you can wear it in various different styles. It is now available at THE GOODS DEPT at PACIFIC PLACE (1st Floor #1-02)

So what are you waiting for? Go grab em before it's too late! There are two colors available (Black and Brown jacket) and also 25 different kinds of collars.

The end of 2012

(Versace x HnM skirt, Thrift store sweater)

Boy time sure does fly away. I am 6 months away from graduating Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design, and just 1 day away from a fresh start, a better me. Sounds cliche I know. At the end of every year, I jot down a list of things i want to accomplish next year, not to pressure me, but as a reminder that I have something to look forward to so I'm always motivated to wake up and do what I have to do. 2012 has been an awesome journey, from major weight gain and also finding my identity as a designer. So tell me, what has been the most memorable experience/moment for you in 2012?

Monday, December 24, 2012

50 shades of Brown

Brown is a very soothing color, many consider it to be "natural" because it somewhat reminds them of nature, but really to me... it is just pretty and easy to mix and match and also it kind of compliments my skin color. And plus you can dress from top to toe in different shades of brown and still look chic (or like a perfectly sliced tiramisu cake)

(Dress - ABOCS, heels- TOPSHOP, Balenciaga look-alike jacket - Flea market)

P.S : Don't go ape-cray-cray about the balenciaga look-alike, i bought it way before it was all over the internet!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rebel is my middle name

The title pretty much sums it all up, huh? Well, i've pretty much been a rebel during my highschool days! But being in college is just a big smack of reality, i worked my butt off to achieve my dreams and most importantly make my parents proud! 2012 is coming to an end so it would only make sense to start piling up a list of New Year Resolutions. Every year i try my best to step outside my comfort zone, and every year i am proud to say that i get crazier  (haha). 2013 is going to be a bumpy ride i'm sure but i'll try to maintain my weight (this is a  never-ending battle). 

This is an outfit post i did recently with my dearest friend Phoebe. And here are some of the snapshots........... END-JOY (read: enjoy)


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Not-So-Damned

It is pretty obvious that i love anything ripped (well, preferably denim jeans and not around the crotch area) and also love anything that is comfy and fuzzy like a sweater (preferable with a huge skull on it) 

I took these photos during my "photo-trip" to Kota Tua in Jakarta (Indonesia) and i was literally jumping around with joy of how scary the building is! Weird i know, its because i get uber excited when i see that the location matches my outfit perfectly!


huge smanks to Phoebe Reynaldi (owner of Vogue Couture online shop) for taking these amazings pics. Shout out to you, gur!

And oh, please do share some amazing locations for photoshoots in Jakarta... Leave comments beeeeeelow-low-low! X

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Featured in LOOKS MAGAZINE - Nov Issue

I am OBSESSED with LOOKS magazine! (I would still say that even if i wasn't featured or whatever, i genuinely LOVE it!) Why? Because it feeds me with everything, fashion, gossip, health tips, happening events, and not to mention the hot guys from "LOOKS MAN" *grins*

So anyways, yes i am featured in the November's issue!!! I was so happy that I celebrated by rewarding myself with two slices of Pizza (thin-crust ofcourse). Being a blogger definitely spized up my life!! Opening my own brand is like a buffet of italian food, but adding that "fashion blogger" title just makes it an international food buffet (if that makes sense). I try my very best to be good in this world of blogging, but hey, blogs were meant to be "rules-free", and is or was supposed to be personal. So don't judge me by the number of pageviews/followers... just enjoy the contents. There are SOOO many bloggers out there that are amazing that you still have to discover, they will inspire you, trust me. So be random, type random stuffs on google, and you might go "MIND-BLOWN"

So don't forget to grab a copy of LOOKS MAGAZINE NOV ISSUE!!! It's always sold out 711, so you might have to grab it in the nearest bookstore around your area (gramedia, etc). And also follow "looks magazine" on twitter here - LOOKS MAGAZINE TWITTER

Forever Young

I wanna be forever young, but mature. I love being a teenager, but not an irresponsible one. The thought of getting married and starting a family scares me to death, i can't even cook rice...... you know. But then again, who am I to change the circle of life, right? I just have to go with the flow and dress up like a kiddo whenever i feel down or "over-aged"

Oversized shirts are my favs! And Doc Marts, obviously, even though i would pretty much damage my feet (blisters, oh blisters)

Oversized denim shirt - FAR EAST PLAZA // Dyed Shorts - ABOCS //  Boots - Doc Marts

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sugar, Spikes, And Everything Nice

I was cleaning up my desk and i found a memory card filled with photos, that.. ofcourse made my day! So i decided to post some pictures, here's one of me modeling my own brand! Love this spiked denim jacket with sort of a hologram sleeve! Don't you love it too? 

This photo was taken about 2 months ago, so yes my hair was still quiet "blonde" on the tips, but it's now dark brown because i just realized that it doesn't suit my face *sad laugh*

And oh, incase you guys didn't notice.... I did some changes to my blog, i've added other links on the side bar, but yes i haven't really completed the "renovation" because i'm just in desperate need of time to finish my assignment (yes, i am aware that i could've done my assignment instead of writing this post... but i can't resist)

P.S : don't forget to follow my blog ;) I don't use bloglovin, yet, because it is pretty confusing. I'm such a noob when it comes to those sort'o stuffs. So lets just do it the old school way by clicking the "JOIN THIS SITE" button somewhere here ------->

And i would love to follow you lovely reader's blog too, just leave me a comment and i'll follow you straight away, x!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Brunch is what i live for

Its always going to be an epic fashion-convo-time when i meet up with other bloggers for brunch! Michelle Koesnadi came to Singapore and gathered me, Fhenny, and Qin together to enjoy some eggs benedict and overpriced coffee!

And then... ofcourse what else can 4 bloggers do together other than chatting and eating?... Mini photoshoot session, ofcourse! So we immediately rushed to the empty skate park at Somerset (we dropped by to h&m first, duh!)

I can't stress enough just how much i love this wedge sneakers from TOPSHOP! And my favorite Chanel bag. I don't know bout you guys but i hate wearing heels in Singapore because i have to take public transportations such as the bus and mrt so i have to walk, alot.... so yea, i just think it's necessary for me to confess about that because i'm so furious that it's so hard to get a driving license here in Singapore. So if there are any Singaporeans reading this...... suggestion please? Is there any shortcut to getting a driving license here? *SMILES*


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Can you hear them roar?

PHEW! what a crazy two weeks it had been! Flew to Jakarta for 2 days to settle some stuffs for the shop and also an exciting collaboration coming up! And on top of that i had two assignments due 2 days after, so yes, i'm exhausted! But now that i have a day off, i decided to blog and also browse through 100000 other blogs that i love! 

It's funny how i'm a blogger, but not really a blogger, i don't post new posts religiously, or do report trends like what a fashion blogger is supposed to, right? or atleast that's what i've observed over the past years. I just blog when i have the time too, if not i focus on my main passion in life, which is.... my beloved ABOCS! It really is my baby, i still reply every emails/texts from the customers and btw i dyed all the shorts myself, including cutting out the jeans haha! I insist on doing everything myself because i want to put my heart into it, not just for the sake of earning money! So it kinda bums me out when people compare my items to other online shops which sells stuffs that are mass produced from china/bangkok. 

Anywhoo, i wore this outfit last week! I've been loving oversized jacket (i know this is a vest!). And yes i have finally found those amazing Marc Jacobs wedge sneakers ;)


till next time, xo! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Neon is still "IN", right?

Neon was a major major major big smash since about 4 months ago! Wonder why its not dead yet?, because we feel enlightened and just giddy when we wear bright colors (Or atleast for me)

And oh, i don't know if you guys realize this or not, but i no longer have bleached hair ends! I dabbed on a dark brown on top of it just because i get bored easily. Its amazing how everywhere I go now there will be atleast 1 or 2 person with a dip dyed hair style and also some with pink, teal, purple, you-name-it. For those of you who are still contemplating, JUST DO IT! i know bleaching harms the hair but you know what YouOnlyLiveOnce ;)

Neon Dress - ABOCS // black blazer - TOPSHOP // spike cap - ROMWE  

So, what do you guys think about the neon trend? are you guys still rocking it or are we slowly transforming our wardrobe to fall/winter colors? 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Acid Wash

My love for bleached denim will never ever end. No matter what the fashion police says! 

Such a hectic month! Exciting news to come next month make sure u stay tuned by following @cathsoepadhi both on instagram and twitter :) 

And ofcourse there will be giveaways to join this month too, so yes make sure you get the news fresh from the oven via twitter! 

Singapore's weather is very unpredictable. And so i could never wear heels around because i take public transportations and its too much of a hassle to wear heels because i don't want to fall down haha. I'm such a clumsy person thats why. So, the solution to that is to wear wedge sneakers. I have been SUPER obsessed with wedge sneakers or as TopShop calls it the "aerobic shoes". And i'm definitely going to buy more! So if you have any recommendations please don't be shy to leave a comment! 

My red top is actually a men's sleeveless tee-shirt, bought it from Cotton On! (super cheap and comfy). And the acid wash denim jacket is from "The editor's market" :)
Sorry no links because they're no longer available online. But get them at Cineleisure building @ Orchard Road.


Friday, September 28, 2012

G.B.R lovin

This outfit pics seems to be a MAJOR color blocking moment *haha* the red wall just catched my eyes the moment i crossed the street! I normally dont wear skirts just because i tend to move a lot and i really hate to sit in a very girly and mannered pose, so i usually opted for shorts or skinny jeans! But its just one of those days where i wanna be super duper girly, with a touch of the dip dyed hair to give it a little edge! 

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