Saturday, June 28, 2014

TRESemme Style Seeker Hunt Makeover Challenge Part 2

(Tank dress - ZARA, Embellish Vest - ZARA, Blazer - ABOCS)

In contrast to the 1st look, the second look is rather more intense in terms of the make up, as told by Nadia herself, she is more of that edgy street style chick.. I gave her this option. Inspired by 2 well known boho chic fashion icons; The Olsen Twins and Kate Moss. And plus, they both are true New Yorkers. The perfect layering can make messy turns into chic. Remember when layering, more is not always better... think of proportions and color harmony. The lace peeking under the tank dress gave it a feminine final touch. Especially loved the hairstyle, it works well with Nadia as she has ultra long hair, which works well with loose wave styling. Switching the make up to darker brown shade and dark purple lipstick. To give it a rather shabby chic feel within the photo shoot, I decided to shoot indoors (specifically inside my house) to make it look more natural and effortless, as we say "I woke up like this". Nadya loved this look, specifically due to the make up and hairdo, and I agree that the beachy waves really suits her, and the lipstick gave such an intense impact, in a good way.

If you haven't watch the Makeover video, check the previous post by clicking here

(Styling concept by me. All clothes were from my own wardrobe, nothing is sponsored!)


  1. cathy ini keren banget parah!!!
    lipsticknya apa? mau jugaaa


    1. hey dear. its from make-up forever :D will let you know the exact code once i get it back from my friend x


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