Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Darkest To Light

(Top - Blooming, Skirt - ZARA, Heels - ALDO, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Bracelets - D'Fin)

I may not eat chocolate, but I love brown color! But it is a tricky color to mix and match with, my tip will be to keep it under one color palette but in different shades. Fortunately I found this perfect gradation brown top, love how each layer indicates a different shade. And ofcourse, as per usual, the color black has to appear in every outfit I wear, no matter how small it may be! In this case, for a slimming effect (since the top is boxy cut, and the skirt is flared) I evened out the proportions by adding black panels. As seen through previous runway trends, I believe that tight-fit is no longer in, it's time to breathe in our straight and boxy cut pieces. But for those of you who are not petite (in between medium and large sized) like me, make sure to always watch the volume as we don't want to visually look bigger as we wear loose clothes, I say... Pitch in some black variations!

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  1. The bag is reay cool i love it!



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