Sunday, September 29, 2013


Here are the pictures from the 2nd day of the event. 18 bloggers gathered at the Lafayette Lounge, where we took pictures, do a few fun quiz, win goodie bags, as well as getting to meet the lovely team behind Galeries Lafayette and NYLON INDONESIA. Fun, very fun.

Also guys don't forget to join FASHION IS YOU, an amazing opportunity for you all fashion lovers to be a part of one of the biggest fashion show in Indonesia! Click here for more info!


Friday, September 27, 2013

All Styled Up with Galeries Lafayette

Thank you NYLON INDONESIA and Galeries Lafayette Jakarta for having me as one of the 20 bloggers chosen to be a part of the Bloggers Gathering event as well as the styling competition event.

So, here are the pictures from the 1st day of the event (24 September), we were given the freedom to roam around the entire store to find interesting pieces to create an ensemble that represents the theme (mixology, smoky rock or cocktail)... and ofcourse I picked mixology because I am indeed in love with anything abstract printed.

It was indeed hard to narrow down the things that I was dying to purchase (or... to style) to 10 items. But after 10 rounds of going through different racks, I finally decided to go with these two statement pieces, the printed jeans and blazer, and then picking out colours from it to complete the look. The liquid-like print on the pants caught my eye at the very first sight and from then onwards I had a vision on what I wanted my look to be like.. which is, versatile as well as eye catching at the same time.

P.S : I am obsessed with the crystal print blazer by FRIEDERICH HERMAN 

P.S.S : Utterly obsessed with the suede and snakeskin oversized shopping tote from Lafayette Collections.

P.S.S.S : All those accessories from Kate Spade are totes adorable! 

Stay tune for photos from the 2nd day of the event! Toods. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flower Power

(ZARA blazer, VNTG shredded tee, topshop jeans)

This outfit is for one of those days where my colorful alter ego decides to shine. I am not a colorful trend follower most times of the year, but when I am, I do it big. Yellow yellow yellow. And oh, shredded cobweb pattern t-shirts are still in right? I mean, they were an important part of my wardrobe for a long time, they should make a comeback on the runway. Getting sick on the whole crop top craze (or maybe I just dont look good in it)

Thursday, September 12, 2013


(ZARA laser cut leather top, MYTH cutout ankle boots, ZARA leather shorts)

My leather obsession has come into a full circle in this outfit. As you all know, the hot summer weather can't even stop me from wearing things that are leather related. Not that I'm pointing out the fact that I hate animals or anything, because I am indeed a vegetarian. But, i've always been a fan of leather jackets. Just going to rant a little bit about the news in Jakarta, a lot of car crash accidents happening, makes me anxious whenever i'm stuck in traffic. Hoping that the traffic will get better in Jakarta within a few years, because it sucks having to waste almost half of your day by being in a car. Am i right?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

All about being comfy

(VERSACExH&M skirt, H&M top, River Island Sandals)

First time wearing this Versace x H&M paradise print skirt, totally not my style but i was weirdly attracted to it after 2 seconds of eye contact. Definitely a comfy outfit, oversized on the top and flare on the bottom of the outfit. Best combination for a lazy day, and also when I feel bloated after a huge breakfast.

Monday, September 2, 2013

High slit and ankle boots

(NASTYGAL high slit jersey skirt, ZARA basic T, H&M flannel shirt)

Loving the fact that flannel shirt is trending again. Not a big fan of maxi skirts because of it's inability to move about, but thanks to the high slit detail, makes it work the total opposite. It's cooling (laughs) and functional. During my "dance craze" days, I've been a big fan of wrapping shirts or jackets around my hips to give that rebel slash boyish look to my outfit. That sums up to the idea that somehow fashion relates back to your old liking/habits. 

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