Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Printed silk pants and Churros

After an intense 3 weeks, i decided to catch up with one of my good friend to grab tons of churros and blab all we want! Decided to go slightly casual with my wide-leg silk pants and baggy light-brown knit top.

ZARA printed silk pants
Wedges- thrifted
Meet my friend, Phoebe from Vogue Couture!
Wasnt planned at all, but we wore matching wedges!
Churros, best snack ever
Bought these two from forever21, i love how it goes so perfectly well together!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IFW2012 video]mix[tape

I love "fashion" themed videos with rage, head-bumping, fist-pumping songs.. aka AVICII'S levels! So here's my first attempt! Hope u enjoy it, tell me what you HONESTLY think about it. 

(warning: rude comments will be deleted... immediately

For more videos of IFW2012 (interviews, fashionshows, etc) go to: Official IFW2012 youtube

Monday, February 27, 2012

IFW Photo Diary Extras

Lenny Agustin

Lenny Agustin

Imelda Kartini


Backstage chaos

Photo Diary - IFW DAY 4

Deden Siswanto 
Girls Magazine S/S collection
Yosafat. K 

Geofanny from OWN magazine

BNI card design

Anne Avantie collection
Anne Avantie collection
Anne Avantie collection
Anne Avantie collection
Anne Avantie collection
Ashfi from Ina's scarf
Taruna. K
These are just random interesting pictures of designers/ top names in the fashion industry/ interesting runway details. And pretty much other random bits and pieces that caught my eyes.

Full runway pictures and reviews will be posted in my other blog (official IFW2012 blog) or watch fashion show videos and interviews in IFW2012 youtube channel.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo diary - IFW DAY 3

Taruna K. Kusmayadi 

Lenny Agustin

Susan Budihardjo exhibition booth
Blogger Arnold Teja
Love the dip dye jeans
My new studded booths - Zara

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