Thursday, March 29, 2012

OMGP - Oh My Guilty Pleasure

I named my blog "A bowl of Cath Soep" because it literally is a huge bowl filled with my every likes or dislikes. My blog is not only about fashion, but everything in general, who knows one day i might blog on the things i love about my soon-to-be-husband ;)

But for now, i'm craving for some major guilty pleasures! I tend to eat anything with sprinkles, or cheese splattered all over it. Or anything fruity too. Savory or sweet, i'm down for it. But nothing too sweet nor too greasy, because i get bloated easily. *burps*

Photo credits goes to pretty food tumblr

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Those pink highlights....

Saw this in Elle Vietnam April 2012 issue. And i am OBSESSED with the whole concept. Pink hair highlights which matches the background? And pastel color outfit with a touch of glint from the gold and metallic purple nail polish... simply wondrous I may say.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Goods Dept Fashion Show

Combining two elements within a design (Print and solid color) never looked so good before. Its a very cohesive collection, and yes, wearable. The styling of the collection is just simply fresh, the pieces can be worn in sooo many different ways to match with your own style. Playing with flowy VS stiff silhouette is also a very good contrast (flowy top with a tailored bottom combo) 

Romantic, girly, innocent, and fragile are the words that pops in my head as these models walk down the runway. Tiny details are incorporated to enhance the smooth silhouette. But it doesn't mean that this collection is strictly for those who loves Macaroons and Scones (typical girly girls drinking tea and munching  10 different tiny cakes, modern version of Marie Antoinette) Okay that was a long descriptive example. But moving along.... Look at how slightly edgy those nude color garments turned when they styled it with a bulky Doc Martens boots! I love the whole idea of masculine and feminine combo!  

Ladies and gentleman, Nina has done it again! From bright blue all the way to hot pink and even full flower prints... she has succeeded in bringing us back to the loud side of romanticism! Simple concept but executed perfectly. I have my eyes on almost all the looks from this collection and about a million styles that i want to experiment on with those pieces! And i can't stop drooling over the hot pink trousers in particular (look at the mesh detail on the lower leg area)

I'm usually not a party person (just kidding, i love parties!). Although the space was pretty tiny, the amazing crowd and head-banging music made me forgot how hot (temperature wise) the room is! Met tons of awesome people, and yes i did enjoy the party even though i was carrying my heavy camera while i was dancing. 

My friend wore the jacket she bought from my Online Shop =)
Forever21 Neon lace top//Forever21 beaded tribal necklace//Zara Nude silk button down//Zara black maxi chiffon skirt
Check out more streetstyle snaps and random photos here: ABOWLOFCATHSOEP PHOTO GALLERY 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"you can't fake fashion" eBay & CFDA

eBay and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) are proud to introduce a new collection of original totes to raise awareness against counterfeit goods and celebrate original design. The collection includes more than 75 one-of-a-kind totes each customized by CFDA designers ($200), as well as four styles of standard totes ($45) — available exclusively on eBay. All proceeds benefit the CFDA Foundation.

It bothers me when people copies something that someone put their heart and soul to. Designers spend lots of money, time, and effort in creating beautiful fashion pieces/art, and at most times especially in this modern world.. these ideas gets copied from one end to another, hence, it is no longer special. Wear original, even if its not branded or "uncool". I mean, what if someone copies your work and steal credits for it?! 

You can purchase those bags here

Show your support by sharing this to your friends and family. Or even better, purchase the bag... it's stylish and is for a good cause! =)


Yes i turned 19 today :) My last year of being a teen. And so, i decided to team up with Retail Therapy to do a double giveaway! 

1 item from Retail Therapy's latest collection (which will only be out next week, cool right!)

1 item from my online shop. (Picture of the item below)

If you want to win either one of the prize:




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But then again, i always throw in some other specials... like discount vouchers and random goodies. So make sure you tell your friends/family to join as well! :) 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to tweet us, or leave a comment below!! 

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week - BCBG MAXAZRIA & RED VALENTINO


BCBG is well known for it's chic dresses as well for it's as tailored casual sunday staple pieces. Colors are always a crucial factor when it comes to creating simple designs, which is why i am more that ecstatic that BCBG decided to use both neon bright colors and pastel colors (ofcourse placing them wisely to create a symphonic combination). This collection is very bright, urban, chic, hassle-free, and very on-the-go. I love how the show started with pastel colors, then suddenly a hot pink flowy dress flashed, and then ended with a dark sheer combo. And not to forget, amazing amazing uhmaaazing handbags and belts!

i need this! 


Frankly not a big fan of Red Valentino, but after i watched the models wearing those beautiful A line dresses, I'm definitely going to keep an eye of their upcoming collections! I adore it's extremely girly romantic yet flirty designs. One thing I recognized about Red Valentino is volume volume volume! Playing with volume through gathers, frills, and even pleats, and usually placed on the hemline so that it accentuates the waist to look small (which is what us, all female wants). Although I kinda wished that they would go over-board with the flower pattern so the frills would look more springy and alive! 

My top 2 favs!

Extra photos:

Opus Cafe

Thankyou Yohana for the pic! :)

..........More posts of Plaza Indo Fashion Week coming up!!! Stay tune!!! ;)

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