Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tropical Topic

(ZARA skirt, H&M oversized shirt)

Lazy day calls for a comfortable outfit, oversized clothes has been my wardrobe staple, I am into layering so it helps to have a balance of tight and loose within an outfit. Bought this skirt a few months ago, and I still love how the fabric feels, it's super soft but hugs the body like a bandage skirt. Since we're slowly transitioning to Fall fashion, I had to go with ankle boots, it's a rule! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013


HEY GUYS! Make sure you come and visit ALLEY29 bazaar from 3-8 September in Summarecon Mall Serpong. I will be there on most days, so come and say HI! and shop ABOCS collection, will be doing major SALE and also pieces from our new collection. 

I'm pretty sure most of you went to the previous alley29 event in Plaza Indonesia, I can guarantee that this event will be even more amazing. Also, more lovely bloggers are supporting the event this time too!



Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Moving back to Jakarta from Singapore (because i had just graduated from uni, yay me!) there are definitely countless things that I will miss having access to in Singapore that I won't be able to get here in Jakarta such as; shops - INHABIT, BLACKMARKET, EDITORS MARKET, and..... H&M, but all is well as it is happening.... H&M has landed in Jakarta.

I'm a big fan of fast fashion brands such as H&M, ZARA, FOREVER21, etc (you name it!), just because they're very fast in catching the current trends and making it affordable. Thankfully Jakarta is filled with fashion fanatics, H&M is planning to open 3 outlets here in Jakarta during a short period of timespan; Gandaria City Shopping Mall, Pondok Indah Mall, and Grand Indonesia (soon to be flagship store)

P.S: super bumped to not be able to come to the Media Press showroom due to myself being in a different timezone, but the lovely team from H&M is kind enough to send me pictures to kill my curiosity.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Genius dressing

( ZARA blazer, TOPSHOP crop tank, NASTYGAL high slit jersey skirt, TOPSHOP genius beanie)

Love how the print on the blazer reminds me of a modern batik, and also the perfect juxtaposition effect of it being layered on top of a scruffy looking top (in which my mom thought i took it out of a hideous thrift store). This beanie that i am currently mixing to countless outfits makes me happy and obviously not trying hard to look cool, when worn. But fashion talks aside, I am now fully back into the blogging world again. So hi to my old readers and welcome to my new readers.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Black and White at it's best - SOE.HOE. NO'OM. NO'MI

I met this wonderful and talented designer Soetjipto Hoeijaja a few years ago, and i love his design aesthetics as well as his personality. Taking the fashion's jakarta scene by storm, his collection is now available for grabs in various stores such as Fashion X'change in EX, Lotte Shopping Avenue and also Fashion First. So what are you waiting for? Check out the website and stalk stalk stalk and shop : HERE and HERE

Make sure you follow him on twitter as well - HERE

And no, we are not blood related, even though our last name have "SOE" in it, haha. Jokes aside, hope you all agree on how awesome his label is, cheers! 
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