Saturday, November 21, 2015

Equipped in ORORI

Greetings everyone! It’s been a long while since I’ve last updated my blog and I have to admit that I miss blogging! Reasons as per why I’ve been super M.I.A in the bloggingsphere is that I have a full time job working at PLATFORM event organizer company, and still keeping my clothing line running.

But today, I want to share my latest Internet finds (just because shopping online is always a better idea, sweatpants, check!) Okay first of all, my love towards jewelries is obvi no secret, although I am very particular about the trinkets I wear (I only opt for certain cuts, and sized diamonds, nothing too major.. but interesting in it’s simplest form) Thus, came ORORI to the rescue.. even rescued my old jewelries thanks to their easy jewelrycleanser  solution that worked like MAGIC!

Lucky enough to be given the opportunity to visit their HQ Office, myself and a few other bloggers went haywire when we were given hands on access to their latest collection of jewelries.

Before I get to the product review, look at how instagram-worthy their office is, every single corner from the furniture and the endless amount of window for “natural lighting” photos, no filter needed for sure!  

 Wearing Jimmy Choo flats & Loony Store white shirt

Ring, ring, ring! My favorite accessory to wear are rings simply because we use our fingers in almost all of our daily activities. I found the perfect edgy diamond cut ring and (popular amongst ladies) heart shaped diamond ring as well as a slightly curvy lined ones from ORORI, the fit was just perfect, wasn’t too overwhelming and the sheen reflected at all the right angles (I know my diamonds as I learnt it from the best a.k.a my mommy)
Find this ring and other diamond rings here 

Aside from beautiful wedding rings that are available. You can purchase jewelry box too! 

When choosing a necklace, my advice is to get one that will go along with your everyday outfit, I personally don’t take off my diamond necklace during shower, so definitely durability is also a big factor.. In terms of design wise, it has to be meaningful and simple so that we won’t get bored of it but keeping in mind to have it interesting enough to have a story behind it. 
A simple cross necklace can go with my formal or casual outfits. 

Last but not least, bracelets. Frankly I am more of a watch person instead of bracelets. But they do come in handy when going to wedding parties or fancy gala events as they give our arm party a moment of spotlight. Nothing too crazy, keep it light and shiny. Important tip: Match the color or design to your clutch and also earrings. With jewelries, it’s important to keep them aligned within the same shape and color, elegance and classy are the two main key points when wearing diamonds.

Bracelets like this can go from day to night.

For more info regarding ORORI’s products, you may check their website and to see more of my “diamond treasure hunt” trip, check my video down below:

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