Saturday, April 21, 2012

Singapore bound

I love singapore. Well mainly because it's a super safe place to live, and i love the no-traffic-ness of it!

Went on a three days trip to Singapore, to source vintage goodies for my shop and well, to have a wee bit of fun while i'm free. Incase you guys didn't know, i study there for 2 years already, and i shall probably confess how boring the place turns out to be when you are stuck there for a looooong time! 

It's always best to have about 3-5 days there, so you will have enough time to enjoy all the amazing spots that singapore has to offer. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As i mentioned in the previous post.... About an upcoming bazaar project! Its this:

TRADEMARK EVENT in Bandung on 26th-29th of April :)

Why it's awesome? Because there will be tons and tons of local brands with unique products and of course with a reasonable price tag..

I will be opening a booth filled with vintage stuffs and also my original designs. There will be sneak peeks coming up as the countdown to the event begins. So make sure u follow my twitter @cathsoepadhi to know the latest updates!!

I cant wait to see you all there!! XO

Keepin' it White....

I'm so obsessed with this boots. Was sooooo near of clicking the BUY button, but the height of the rubber sole bothers me! So i'm thinking of DIYing with on a DocMarts :)  BUT CLICK : HERE to purchase this one!!! =) did i mention they sell glitter pills as well? YES you heard meh, GLITTER. PILLS. 

I haven't been blogging much lately just because i have been super busy with prepping my booth for an upcoming bazaar project! And also i still haven't buy a new camera charger. With all the things piling up along my way... i'm very excited to post more stuffs in my online shop very soon. I know i've been saying that quiet a lot now, but it's just that i decided to stock up on more stuffs before i post them up just so that you guys won't get disappointing answers like "That's sold out" "You might have to wait another 2 weeks for me to restock that item"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


GIVEAWAY WINNER!!! SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY. i have been busy prepping for trademark event bazaar in bandung (more info about that real soon)!! =)

so here's how i picked the winner.... i picked one of my favorite number and i told my friend to pick one as well! Then we flipped a coin to decide which winner gets which prize!

So here's the result ------------------>

- i picked number 3 (because that resembles march which is my birthday month) ;)

The third person who joined this giveaway is.... *drum rolls*

Windy Sitorus from A Tulipa et Viridi @windy_weasley


- My friend (her name is Vina) she picked............ * boom boom* number 8. Because its her lucky number (she said so)

And the 8th person who joined is........

Here's the text!!! =) sorry for the poor quality i dont have the app to take a screen shot from my blackberry! but i highlighted the part where she said "8" *lol*

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