Thursday, January 24, 2013

Roses on my shoulder

Photos by Steffie Setiawan

(Editor's Market Roses Sweater, ASOS tribal bodycon skirt, Forever21 sneakers)

Surely Singapore's weather isn't calling for sweaters, but I have been strucked with the sweater-fever. Ofcourse I had to pair it up with something more "revealing" so that I don't die due to the heat. Those roses gave the boring black sweater a Pow! A comfortable outfit calls for a movie date with Nachos and 2 servings of Gourmet Popcorn (not the ones available on the theater snack counter, I like to be rebellious and buy it from other food stalls, just for the sake of it)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is that a unicorn?

Photos by Fhenny

(Editor's Market Unicorn Sweater, Zara maxi sheer skirt)

Dreamy is the look that i was going for. And with the help of the "bare foot" look, it surely does look very romantic and fairytale-sque (or maybe Im just being lazy). My obsession with anything unicorn or even white horses (with fake horns) is still up and high. Pretty sure that this sweater will bring me many good dreams. Kisses!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the Beanie trend

Photos by Steffie Setiawan

(Gifted acrylic box clutch, Zara shorts, Zara top, ASOS Marketplace beanie)

Beanies are everywhere, and I adore. I feel like it is such a perfect cherry to those who are having a bad hair day. But truth be told, my stuffed face doesn't really look good in beanies, but I try, I really try to make it work. Sometimes I just wished that I would stop playing the Chubby Bunny game and reward myself with a defined cheek bone for once. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Le Flour cupcakes and jelly

My sister is a genius when it comes to making delicious and cute food (especially deserts), I have been ordering from her just because festivities should always be showered with sweet things. Christmas and birthdays, are two of my favorite reasons to hop on the calorie train. What i love about Le Flour is that they focus on taste, everything is edible (except the paper and twigs). And let me tell you...... the Frosting is deeeeelish.

Incase you are interested, here's how you can contact Le Flour :


Friday, January 4, 2013

jakarta fashion market 2012 photo diary

Thankyou Jakarta Fashion Market for the priceless experience. See you at the next event guys. Thanks to everybody who came to watch the show.
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