Saturday, February 11, 2012

Obsession: The Sassy Rockstar

My obsession over leather and studs just wouldn't slip out through my veins. Growing up i was never into barbies, but i engross on plastic knives and plastic hotpots, well that doesn't make me super bad-a$$, but as time flies i realized that the fashion choices i make isn't influenced by my childhood nostalgias, but it is what captures my eye when i go through inspirations and muses. And plus, i don't have any tattoo nor a Harley Davidson motorcycle. 

But if you love to pretend that you're the updated version of the KISS rock band members, i totally advice you to check on these pictures, and drool. 
Amazing Anubis Necklace by Moxham, (get it here)

                              Oversized studs juxtaposing with her tiny figure

An easy and very funk nail art, (tips: don't overdo the studs, put 2-3 studs if you have tiny nails.

                                         DIY studded iPhone case

                       Alexander Wang studded bottom bag (get it here)

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