Monday, February 13, 2012

Inspirational videos

These videos to me are "rape-the-replay-button" worthy!

This video had just been recently posted in WhoWhatWear. I immediately fell in love with her personality (Samantha Ronson). She's a DJ and a musician, but i believe that she secretly is a street-style genius, with the amount of vintage Tees she owns and those amazing truckload of funky sneakers.

Prabal Gurung and Leandra Medine the Man Repeller takes us on a shopping spree as Prabal  dresses Leandra with his collection at Barney's. I'm truly jealous of how much fun the seemed to be having, nothing like playing dress-up filled with designer clothings.

This is a documentary about stylish New York older ladies, from Advanced Style

Yvan Rodic from Facehunter captures Montauk through his lenses and his spontaneous sense of humor. And plus, you know the video is going to be a jolly-ride when it starts with PUMPED UP KICKS.

Some of the videos are old and some are very recent, but i cant get over how inspirational they are, from the bright clear pixels to such mind-opening lines. 

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