Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flowy dresses are perfect for buffet dinners?

I know the title may sound a little off-path. But its 5 minutes to midnight and i'm starving, would love to munch some thin crust tomato pizza, with extra cheese.. ofcourse!

But meaningless stories aside, i did in-fact wear this outfit for a birthday buffet dinner, and let me tell you this.. girls who wears skin-tight dresses to buffet would probably come home with an empty stomach. This outfit ensemble is beyond perfect. 

DRESS : DESIGNED AND MADE BY ME. (would love to do more, if you guys are interested
             in buying... leave a comment)

BLAZER : brown camel blazer - FOREVER21

HEELS : suede heels - TOPSHOP

ARM-WEAR (yes?) : Hermes enamel bracelet, Thomas Sabo beaded charm bracelet, Diva "Swallow Mood Ring" and pink and brown cross string bracelet

Anyways... Hype this look on lookbook if you are feeling generous =]

1 comment:

  1. wonderful..creative..funny..sweet..thanks so much for sharing!

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