Monday, October 21, 2013

Cita Cinta Change-lebration

The two blogger judges!
"Campaign kita meningkatkan self esteem. Maka odyshop ikutan krn acara ini bagus utk meningkatkan self esteem"

The event starts off with a wonderful fashion show by Argyle and Oxford. Love how quirky the collection is but still being highly sophisticated too.

The fabulous 11 finalists was transformed and glam-ed up by the Bodyshop team... Look at the smiles on their faces, it's true... nothing feels better than feeling beautiful both on the inside and outside...

Congrats to all the winners, and heads up to Cita Cinta and Bodyshop for hosting such an amazing event with a warm-hearted meaning behind it. This event is fully about changing people's life by boosting their self-esteem, it's true that most females are not confident in their own skin, and sometimes it is the only thing that stops them from venturing the world and achieve their goals. Sure, not everything is about being beautiful, but being beautiful doesn't only mean perfection, it is about feeling confident being YOU. So let's feel cozy in our own skin, trust me... you'll be so much happier!

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