Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainbows And Unicorns

Hey guys! So i posted a photo of my new iphone case on instagram and lots of you guys have been sending me email/comment asking where did i buy this case from... So this post is basically going to be about that :)

I saw similar iPhone cases like this in Far East Plaza (Singapore) but its going to cost me around $100 to customize it. So i searched in google for online shops who sells similar cases, and after 3 days i finally found the perfect shop! 

Bought this one from TomLinFashionPlace for around $70 SGD. It depends on the design so you can look at his product pictures first, and for those of you who are not into unicorns or ponies, don't worry there are lots of options to choose from.

I know this isn't really a unicorn, its a pony. But i love it! At first i find it quiet annoying to text or basically do anything with the phone because the pony was too big so it was hard to grip, but after 2 days i am full on texting and strutting my blinged iPhone! 

Look at the pony's hair! It's braided!!

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