Thursday, March 29, 2012

OMGP - Oh My Guilty Pleasure

I named my blog "A bowl of Cath Soep" because it literally is a huge bowl filled with my every likes or dislikes. My blog is not only about fashion, but everything in general, who knows one day i might blog on the things i love about my soon-to-be-husband ;)

But for now, i'm craving for some major guilty pleasures! I tend to eat anything with sprinkles, or cheese splattered all over it. Or anything fruity too. Savory or sweet, i'm down for it. But nothing too sweet nor too greasy, because i get bloated easily. *burps*

Photo credits goes to pretty food tumblr


  1. ummm... so yummy! I'm curious about your "future husband", wait for you to post more about ur life :D

  2. those cupcakes are too cute to be eaten!
    anyway, I'm following your twitter acc and found out that your brand is joining trademark.
    congrats! :)
    I worked at trademark market 1 & 2 as media relation and secretary but I'm not joining trademark team anymore coz I can't handle the overload work.
    But if you need any help, just contact me.
    I also can help you to keep your booth cuz I'm free on April 26-29 :)

    The Blog of Nidya Indah Utari


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