Friday, March 2, 2012

Fall 2012 RTW

1. Manish Arora

Most of the motifs was the work of Brooklyn street artist Judith Supine, whose images Arora found while researching, and which were used throughout. The silhouette certainly isnt tight fitting, but yet still flattering. We all know that Manish is famous for his eye-popping and bright colors, i have to admit that he's probably the only designer that can combine 3 contrasting colors in one outfit and makes it look chic. 

2. Dries Van Noten

Kimonos and dragon robes were laid flat, photographed, and digitally printed onto silk, crepe, and matelassé in chopped ways. Obviously prints are really in this season, and yes Versace has done justice to that trend, but i mean come on... Look at those loud but melodic prints by Dries Van Noten. Very asian-scented but very London high fashion on the other hand. Yes?!

3. Balenciaga

The cocoon silhouette is always the case when it comes to Balenciaga. I absolutely adore the runway look of it, but it doesnt look good on me. If only i was stick thin and model tall, i would crack my bank account to get each and every piece from this collection. I love how the prints doesnt really took over the collection, but it enhanced the outfits. 

4. Balmain

Saving the best for last... everyone knows how much i love Balmain, his twisted usage of safety pins, and studs just wows me everytime he comes up with another torned out edgy outfit. I was a little disappointed when i didn't see any shredded denim in this collection. But i'm starting to dig his edgy with class look. Look at that leather and velvet combo... AMAZEBALLS! 

Which of the 4 collections do you like the most? Leave a comment below

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