Friday, October 5, 2012

Acid Wash

My love for bleached denim will never ever end. No matter what the fashion police says! 

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Singapore's weather is very unpredictable. And so i could never wear heels around because i take public transportations and its too much of a hassle to wear heels because i don't want to fall down haha. I'm such a clumsy person thats why. So, the solution to that is to wear wedge sneakers. I have been SUPER obsessed with wedge sneakers or as TopShop calls it the "aerobic shoes". And i'm definitely going to buy more! So if you have any recommendations please don't be shy to leave a comment! 

My red top is actually a men's sleeveless tee-shirt, bought it from Cotton On! (super cheap and comfy). And the acid wash denim jacket is from "The editor's market" :)
Sorry no links because they're no longer available online. But get them at Cineleisure building @ Orchard Road.



  1. you look fab cath!! me want a pair of aerobic shoes too ah hehehe

  2. i can see that you're wearing comfy outfits.. it's brilliant!

  3. i want your jacket xP hahahaha! it is a very cool jacket you have there

    mid to check out my blog and follow me back?? thxx

    1. hello =) yes u can get it in Editors market singapore =)

    2. where is Editors market singapore is it in orchard or??ehehehe

    3. yes orchard =) cineleisure (near mandarin gallery) hope u find it =)


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