Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunsilk fab10 reunion

2 events combined into one - Fransisca Alverina's birthday + Sunsilk fab10 reunion. Lets just say it was a night full of gossips and laughters. We have been in this competition for MONTHSSSSS (emphasizing the S because it was a long period of time indeed). Oh incase you missed the news, Nike Yosephine won first place, congrats to her! :D

Here are some pictures to spice this post. (maybe not) :

Me and Nike Yosephine
Left-Right = Cicilia, Lisari, Nike (bottom)
Fransisca, Firda (Top)

GROUP PIC!!!!!! :D

Trying to look classy! Yes, we Failed!!! Badly.

So glad that our friendship doesnt end as the competition ends. Like we all said, its a new born family. A family filled with 10 girls who loathe their hair, nourish them with the best hair product (cough, Sunsilk) (Oh, you did NOT see that coming =P)

Although the night didnt end up with a glass of champagne, ice lemon tea did just fine! And no unicorn piñatas were sacrificed during this celebration. It was a good night indeed. I love how we can all connect to ONE topic, and fool around like as if we've been friends for years.

P.S : yes i went overboard with the hair color. What do you think?


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