Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas eve, christmas day, after christmas day

We can never get enough of having 700calories worth of food accompanied with red wine... right? We, as thankful human beings habitually find excuses/ways to celebrate such occasions numerously!
I believe in the three-day-shindig, "before,now,after". And that's exactly how i'm going to celebrate Christmas!

I mean, we can all agree that its not a pretty fun scenario when you mix both familyfun with friendfun.

24th december, which is christmas eve, i celebrated both Mothers day and xmas-eve, 10 aunties with an average of 2 children each attended this amazing lunch, we all made a deal to wear anything green or red, if not we each have to pay 1K, and ofcourse being the usual cheap-ass, we all followed the rule and played the game. (pics below)

Sadly i dont have photographic evidence on how much calories i consumed on Christmas day, i left home with my camera battery drained and ofcourse no memory card inserted (dolphin claps). Me and the entire family members stuffed our belly with delish Italian food! Gnocchi definitely made my christmas, it was gooey, bouncy, and tomato-y (yes, i know thats not in the dictionary, nor ever existed in novels)


And then, i finally arrived to the very last day of candycane-fiasco, on the 26th of December, 20 of my closest friends in Jakarta gathered at this very fancy yet i'm-never-going-back restaurant, Union at Plaza Indonesia. Tasty food, especially the red velvet cake, but the service sucks, and it is super crowded. We had to chug down lots of wine in order to reach the minimum spending amount. So yeah, it was a great night :)

Oh, i had my Versace x HnM studded leather jacket on, was pretty antsy to wear this out especially in Jakarta, in a mall. I mean, teenagers here are always in tiny dresses and high louboutin heels, i don't want to be a freak show no? But, Singapore has taught me well..... never to give a shit about what others say!

Till then, XO.

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