Friday, July 26, 2013

Bloggers Confidential with GRAZIA magazine

"Blogger pose"
Fashion lovers unite
With the amazing kak Yoland 
I was excited to be invited to GRAZIA's event. Fashion bloggers were all gathered at Pancious to enjoy a lovely dinner with the GRAZIA team, catching up on all the latest fashion news from the opening-soon H&M store in Jakarta and even political topics. I've been a big fan of GRAZIA magazine for quiet some time now since my big sister buys the magazine every month so I can't help but to peek and dive into every page.

There are more exciting plans for bloggers in Jakarta (or Indonesia, for that matter). Loving the fact that bloggers are now taken more seriously in the industry, we helped in building the industry into a topic worth discussing and to change the mindset of others that we too are worth to be reckoned as a fashion conscious country.

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  1. cathhhhhhhhhhhh, mau donk foto gua sama yoland, hoohoh


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