Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cap on, because it's a bad hair day

Photos by Steffie Setiawan

(Gifted LA cap, Zara top, Zara basic Jeans, Doc Marts studded boots)

Lazy, lazy, Tazzy. Sometimes being lazy with your outfit choices will surprise you on how chic simplicity can be. I normally will throw in more layers (If i wasn't lazy I would've topped a leather jacket on it). And also, I would like to do a jeans confession; I am obsessed with the basic jeans from Zara, the fit is surprisingly perfect for me. I like my jeans slightly high-waisted and with a skin tight hem and zipper on the side. I feel like everyone is meant to be loyal to only one denim brand, but for me, I (mostly) only wear Zara and ABOCS (not trying to promote, but seriously, I know my bizz)


  1. cool boots and cap :) love your look~ ^^

    xoxo, michelle

  2. i can never pull off the boots you're wearing!!! so pretty <3


  3. hi cath!
    finally found ur blog! hahah
    like ur shoes so much! ;))


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