Tuesday, January 8, 2013

the Beanie trend

Photos by Steffie Setiawan

(Gifted acrylic box clutch, Zara shorts, Zara top, ASOS Marketplace beanie)

Beanies are everywhere, and I adore. I feel like it is such a perfect cherry to those who are having a bad hair day. But truth be told, my stuffed face doesn't really look good in beanies, but I try, I really try to make it work. Sometimes I just wished that I would stop playing the Chubby Bunny game and reward myself with a defined cheek bone for once. 


  1. loving the beanie! looks really great on you <3 and the acrylic box clutch, LOVEEEE! anyway check out my latest post! http://lisshandratanata.blogspot.com/2013/01/one-day-in-forest.html thanks xx

  2. omg... Im sorry but the only thing that I could see was that acrylic clutch... I fell in love with it.. hahaha :D do your friend sells them or anything... if so.. can you please pass the info! xoxo


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