Sunday, September 16, 2012


The graffiti walls makes me feel like a gangsta. But then again, trying not to be very literal, i added a kick of a platform heels to just make it less ghetto haha.

I am suddenly obsessed with doing outfit posts because i've been so caught up with my school schedule that my social life is dead and gone, so the only way that i can entertain myself is to dress up, edit pictures, and brag about it on the internet (in this case, my blog). 

I love the idea of dress-clashing, wear lots and lots of color! Be quirky, be fun, YOLO? 

Wolf top - FOREVER21 // Jeans - ABOCS // platform heels - YSL mohawk replica

Thanks to Fhenny for being such an awesome blogger friend with amazing photography skills, love her!


  1. so coooll! i love those pants so much <33


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